Saturday, December 2, 2017

You Have Value

You Have Value

Certain odd moments, and odd comments by people, will prove to you that you have value, far more value than you realized. 

I wrote a newsletter for 10 years and stopped on the 10th anniversary. Unexpectedly, a person I was with, expressed that I had value and how he missed the messages in my newsletter.  WOW.   He missed my messages.  He followed them for ten years. 

There are two lessons here:

  1. Know you have value

2. Express to others their value to you

We go about life doing our jobs and our duties. Yet, we can easily slide into the opinion that it doesn’t matter and no one cares. Yet, they do care, and they rarely tell us so. 

Recently, I met a teacher of many years who told me she started a new school year, and she had a girl with the same last name of a man who was not a model student when he was in her class years ago. She asked the girl her father’s name. Yes, she said, ‘my dad said you were his teacher.’

A few days later the girl appeared with a letter the teacher had written to her father’s parents thirty years earlier expressing displeasure with their son. He had kept the letter and now, by way of his daughter, returned it to the teacher with no note of why he was returning it. 

She waited for him to show up at parent teacher night. He never came. She wondered. Two days before the end of school she looked up and he was in the doorway to her classroom holding a plant. 

He wanted to tell her she was the best teacher he ever had and how much she meant to him. 

In telling me the story she said, ‘that’s why I am a teacher’. Truly, rarely do we have the pleasure of knowing the lives we touch and those we help. 

Use your value and share your value with others. You may not realize how much value you have. But, others do, and they so appreciate you sharing it with them. 

Make sure you tell people how much you value them. 

Everyone has value. Even YOU!