Saturday, December 2, 2017

Guaranteed - Your are going to Die

Guaranteed - You are going to Die

Death is guaranteed. Yet, there is no death. 

Death is simply the transfer from the physical to the non-physical.  You close your eyes in the physical and open them in the non-physical. 

We will die a physical death, and we will continue our non-physical being. We are a non-physical spirit that occupies a physical body for a period of time. 

Why are we ‘born’, and why do we ‘die’? It’s simple: we enter the physical life for the experience and to learn something, or to assist someone else in their learning. When the task is accomplished, we go back to the non-physical. 

We already know we are here for a limited time. While it is said our time of death is determined at our birth, we have no conscious knowledge of it. 

Yet, for some of us, our actions leading up to our death indicate, on some level, we know it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it’s unconscious, and we are not aware of why we are doing what we are doing in advance. It’s only after the fact, when those left review the action of the deceased, they can see actions that lead up to the death. Some clean up messes, some have long overdue conversations, some visit family. 

Have you ever just known to do something, just did it, and then, looking back, you realized someone was guiding you? I’ll bet you have. I know a number of circumstances where, left to my own devices, it would not have turned out well. Yet, for some unknown reason I did the right thing and avoided a disaster. 

Once, while operating my boat, I suddenly realized we were headed for a shoal (shallow water) and I was able to alter course before I ran aground. Another time, I fell in a rubber raft and someone, somehow guided my hand to support my weight and avoid my falling in the water.  Both times I quickly realized someone was with me, someone was guiding me. 

No, we are not alone. Those who have died, who are now in the non-physical are still connected to us. Yes, they are guiding us as needed. Rarely are we aware of it. Yet, reflect on your life and you’ll be able to see where a loved one who is now in the non-physical was protecting you. 

It should be heartwarming to know they are still with us, and we with them. We too will enter the non-physical and then the veil of secrets and differences will be lifted, and we will better understand. 

Yet, with faith and belief, we can know it now.