Saturday, December 2, 2017

You are the student, kids are the teachers

You are the student, kids are the teachers

Isn’t it strange that we have children, and we think we are the teacher and they are the student?

Now, with grandchildren I am finally starting to understand and appreciate children. They are the teachers, and we are the students.

We all come into this earthly life with fully functioning bodies that regulate themselves. We come with a brain, knowing, and doing.  We come for a reason and a purpose. Once here, the purpose is in our subconscious and it is hidden from our conscious mind. 

We are innocent, open, and loving. 

Then we are taught how we are to live, act, react, and the prejudices that we are to hold. Yes, what we are taught as children are not always the correct teachings. 

We come open and pure, and we are poisoned by the good intentions of our families who were brought up the same way by their parents. We inherit what our parents inherited from their parents. 

Now, finally, being of grandparent age, I can look at a young child and marvel.  Taking the time, watching, listening, and talking to them I realize all the lessons they have to offer. 

For example kids;
are loving of all people
show their emotions
are open
live in the now
are engaged
keep trying until they accomplish something
know how to get what they want
know how to handle people
know how to obtain the desired reaction
know when to eat and sleep
don’t hold grudges or resentments

Yes, kids know so much that we did not teach them. But, if we watch them closely, they live a better life than most adults. They do not carry prejudices, they do not hold grudges, and they keep going, and keep moving on. 

Yes, kids come to teach adults, come to bring us back to our roots, to who we are, and who we should be. 

Want to live a better life?  Be a kid!