Monday, April 3, 2017


Sail away. 

Cast off the lines that hold you, leave the harbor, head out to sea, sail, sail, sail. 

Let go, move, move forward, onward, and upward. 

Chart your course, going forward, going towards, looking forward to the adventure of it all. Looking forward to knowing the unknown, to growing with new experiences, new challenges, and new dangers to overcome. 

Chart your course for your first intended port of call. It may happen or it may not. something might change, and something will change. Go with the flow. Embrace the adventure, knowing you will get to where you are meant to be, and you will experience what you are meant to experience along the way. 

What you do and what you experience is and was created for you. Created as part of your life lessons, learning that you will need to put to use to carry you forward in your quest for life, for living, and for serving. 

Sailing away releases you from what has been holding you back. The further you sail the more distant the memory is. Eventually, it is a mere recollection.  Your mind is occupied with the now,  what is ahead of you rather than the history of where you have been. 

You can’t change where you have been, and you can’t live where you have been. You can change the feeling and thoughts associated with where you have been. You can use them for the benefit of where you are going and what you are doing now.   Yes, that works. 

Sailing away creates an adventure.  It gives you the opportunity to choose your course, to focus on the course, the planning, and the execution of it.  It eliminates time wasted on the past. It’s forward looking, empowering, and enabling. 

To move forward, to advance, and to accomplish new goals, you have to make room, you have to have time and space. Your world is always full.  You need to let go, to cast off, to make space so that the new can enter. 

Let go of what no longer works. Let go of relationships that have outlived their value to you and the other person. Let go of those tasks, meetings, and perceived obligations that add no value for you.   IF they don’t add value for you, they don’t add value for the other person either. 

You can’t move forward living in the past. You can’t move forward without focus, a plan, and action.  NOW is the time for that plan and that action. 

As you sail away, let go of your old baggage. Be free. Be open. Be willing.  Make room. Expand, grow, and reach out. 

Who bothers you, who are you estranged from, yet they still occupy a big space in your mind and time spent thinking about them?  Now, remember a similar person from ten years ago. I bet you had forgotten all about them and that particular situation. 

In most all situations the one who so bothers us now will fade from our memory and lose their grip on our thoughts over time. Then, gone, we look back and wonder why we had spent so much time on them before. It’s embarrassing.  Yes, it is. 

Yet, we do it again and again.     When a relationship did not work, or got off course, let it go, don’t let it occupy your mind. Move on, cast off from the relationship.  Cast off and move towards the new adventure.  

As you move forth the old issues will pass out of sight and then out of your mind. New and more important things are now filling your mind.  New things that can carry you forth, new thoughts that add value and create life itself.