Wednesday, March 15, 2017


My course changed abruptly. 

We flew to Vail - Beaver Creek for a week of skiing. While we stayed at Beaver Creek I mentioned I’d like to spend  two days at Vail. 

Guess why I was able to spend two days at Vail? 

It ended up that my two days at Vail were spent there as a a patient in the hospital. The extent of my skiing was watching the skiers from my hospital window. I would have never guessed I’d end up in the hospital. I never guessed my first day of skiing, a great day, was going to be my last day of great skiing. 

I was released the night before my flight back to RI and I am fine. No worries. While I could not ski, I was able to make use of the time for other priorities. Sure, I was not happy to give up the skiing, but I was happy to eliminate the pain, recover, and work on other projects while in the hospital. 

Too many people do not plan the course of their lives, just going where the wind takes them, or where the family wants them. Yet, most people spend more time planning a vacation than planning their lives. So, a vacation that gets off course is a big deal, a catastrophe. No, it’s not a catastrophe, it’s life. 

We are like boats at sea. We are always being knocked off course, and we are always adjusting back to course. That’s life.  It’s how we handle what it thrown at us. It’s how we get back on course that counts. 

Think about your life and what has thrown you off course, or what could have thrown you off course. For example:

Not being accepted at the school/college of your choice
Flunking out of school/college

Your significant  other terminating your relationship

Not being hired for the job you desire
Being fired from your job
Being demoted
Not being promoted
employer tranfers

not earning the money you need to enjoy the lifestyle you desire

Having to move to an area you do not enjoy

Medical issues
physical limitations

Family issues, spouse, parents, kids 

There are many things that can easily throw us off course. It’s in your reaction, the handling of the issue that creates the difference. 

React as positive as possible. If you are one of the ones who believes everything happens for a purpose, think about the purpose, and then move forward. If you do not believe things happen for a purpose, you can still react as positively as possible. 

Reflect on what has thrown you off course in the past that, at the time, seemed tragic. Yet, looking back you saw the value, the opportunity offered and the benefit of being thrown off course. Sometimes being thrown off course has created a better, more rewarding, course for your life.