Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Life Is.....

What is your life? 

You life is not what happens to you it’s, how you respond to what happens to you. Life happens to all of us.  Some recover and get back on track and some just let life’s whims take over. 

Here’s life:

I’m good looking
I’m thin
I’m smart
I’m popular
I’ve a great job
I make a lot of money
I have an expensive sports car
I have a condo in the best neighborhood with a great view
I take expensive wonderful vacations
I know a lot of people who want to be me

I’m almost ugly
I’m overweight
I had poor grades in school and never went to college
I don’t have any friends
I’m in a dead end boring job
My car is an old clunker I’m embarrassed of
My apartment is a third floor walk up
My vacation is a ‘staycation’
Nobody wants to be me

My parents died at a young age
My significant other has a life threatening disease
I’m disabled
I need an operation
My employer went bankrupt
I did not get a college degree when I had the chance
My expenses exceed my income
Fire burnt my house down
My car was stolen

Guess what? Your life is what you make of it!

Yes, you make your life. You envision it, and you live to the vision. When the vision is not working due to external situations, it’s up to you as to how you react to the situation and get back on course, back to the life you envision. 

Remember the positive little boy on Christmas morning that found a pile of sh—? He knew that meant there was a pony close by for him!

We are as good looking as we believe we are. We can work with the body given us and improve it, or we can let it go. Looks are subjective as is what the correct weight is.  All of the items above can be good or bad. If bad, there  can be good, if they spur you to action. 

Often the awful, unthinkable things that happen to us are messages and may well become an inspiration to change. We may well look back on those events years later and realize the positive change they made in our lives. 

Why do some people, people who are unremarkable to you, become so successful? Because they think they can, they ‘fake it’ until they make it.  Remember, if they can do it, you can do it.